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We've made numerous attempts to create a fun PVP factions server but failed almost every time due to lack of players and then giving up. This time we're going to make a comeback and actually create a really fun server and put lots of hard work into making it fun for you to play! I've played tons of factions servers in the past, there has been so many bullshit moderators, admins, OP's I have come across which have completely ruined the server for me. The only good staff I've seen is a server called MCPVP. We aren't going to ban you if you disrespect us, we aren't going to ban you if you kill us or unless there's 100% proof of hacks or something. We're mature, and it's unlikely that we're going to ban you unless you hack or something. I hope you guys give Craze-Solution a try!


enchantHandicap - limited enchantments, example: no higher enchantments than sharpness 3, protection 2, etc..

TopPvP - use /kills /deaths /leadkdr /leadkills /leaddeaths

Jobs - you can join 2 jobs to make money

Player Shops - use the money you get from jobs to buy a player shop to sell your goods, or to buy items from other people

Bounties - use /bounty, put bounties on people, and the person who kills that person will get the reward you put in money.

Factions - create a faction/team/clan with /f create, and use /f for more information on factions

ObsidianDestroyer - you can destroy obsidian using TNT if you do it enough times. Water & lava doesn't prevent explosions


Mawnstuah - Owner


charlez13 - Admin

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