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Dream Park [1.7.2][Factions, Survival, MiniGames,


Dream Park is a hub server with mini-games, survival, factions, plot-me creative, and more!

About Us:

This is a part of the server is where your main goal is to prevent your base from getting overtaken. With raiding, griefing, and PVP allowed you can claim your land with /f claim to prevent this while having the twist of losing and gaining power. You lose power whenever you die. You can gain this power back by playing on the server without dying or by killing other players. When you have less power than how much land you claimed other factions can come and take over your faction. You can see your land claims and power when you do /f f. Fight with other players and have mini wars with other factions. You can do almost everything but hack. Build your faction wisely, but most important... Just Have Fun!

This part of Dream Park that is not about raiding, griefing, and PVP but there still is a challenge to this. There are no shops. The world is in hard mode along with an anti-mob-logging plugin. Your goal is to prevent yourself from losing your items in your inventory while becoming as rich as possible. Feel free to play survival with other players on the server and with your friends. If you ever get raided, killed by another player, or griefied in the survival world, tell an admin and we'll find out who did it, rollback your base, and give you back your stuff!

PlotMe Creative:
This where you can build whatever you want in creative. Unlike being a normal creative world, this world is more organized thanks to the plugin PlotMe. What you do is you look for a blank plot and do /plotme claim. After that you can start building and let your friends build with you by doing /plotme add (your friend's username). You can also explore the world and visit other people's plots. If you want to comment on someone's plot stand on their plot and do /plotme comment (comment). You can also view the comments to your plot by doing /plotme comments. After exploring the plots you might forget where your plot is located so you can always use /plotme home to go to your plot.

There are seven mini-games on Dream Park. These mini-games include 2 PvP Arenas, Capture The Flag, SkyBlock, Survival Games, Spleef, Mob Arena, and Parkour. Players have a fun time playing these mini-games and you can too. CTF= capture the other teams flag, PvP= Player verse player, SkyBlock= Build a house in the sky, SurvivalGames= Survive with other players in an Arena by finding Chests, Spleef= Break the block under the person to make them direr, Mob Arena= Slaughter monsters, Parkour=Jump from block to block to get to a final destination "caution you may die".

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