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7 Days to Mine is not yet released! Whitelist applications are open before release, so go ahead and apply. The server will open tomorrow, Sunday February 2, 2014.

7 Days to Mine
7 Days to Mine is a 100% survival experience. Vanilla Minecraft too easy? Other servers not challenging enough? Then this is the right place for you! The monsters are a lot more dangerous. They WILL find you and they WILL kill you. They are relentless. I won't explain what abilities each monster has, but don't expect to take them on without armor and a weapon. If you do manage to kill them, you may get some pretty nice loot. Do you have what it takes to take them on?


The environment is a lot harsher than what you're used to. Expect cave-ins and be prepared to find alternate light sources. Rain will put out your torches, so don't get too comfy out there. Some of your crops may die from disease, as well. Even the trees are out for your blood.


As if you weren't in enough danger, other players are after your loot. PvP is allowed everywhere except spawn, so be cautious. You will drop everything besides the first 3 hot bar slots. The rest is up for other players to grab. It may be in your interest to make some friends, however. There are dungeons, and it's probably best not to face them alone, unless you're Notch Norris.You can trade with others using trade signs, just be careful they don't turn around and kill you after! Raiding is also allowed, so be sure you lock those chests!


7 Days to Mine is meant to be a survival server, so no one on staff can spawn items, besides the Owner. Staff members are ALWAYS players first, staff second. This means that unless someone is running around hacking, griefing, or spamming, the staff members do not have to help you. They are encouraged to do so, however, because they get points for every /helpme request they respond to. The Owner has the final say for every ban/mute, so if you think you have been unfairly banned or muted, send in an appeal on our forums. If you think a staff member is abusing their powers, please do not hesitate to report them using the Support button on our website.


7 Days to Mine has its own radio station! A DJ will be streaming live music 24/7. If you would like to be a DJ, please fill out this application.
Minecraft Username:
Operating System:
Music Genre:
Times Available to DJ:
Please keep in mind you must be whitelisted on the server to DJ.

Treat all players with respect. This is a PvP server and you may attack players as you see fit and they may also attack you, but please remember that this is just a game.

Acknowledge warnings by staff members. If the staff member takes the time to type it, it is important that you pay attention.

Remember that staff members are players first, staff second. They are here to play the game just like you. Staff members do not have to respond unless it is an issue impacting gameplay, such as spamming, griefing, or hacking/cheating.

Do not advertise other servers.

Do not cheat or abuse bugs.

Keep the chat PG-13. You may curse, but do not go overboard. Remember to be respectful of other players.

Keep all links PG-13.

Do not spam.

Do not grief. Griefing is allowed in the Nether and the End only.

Do not camp the spawn.
Whitelist Application

Please fill out the application below. Your application will be reviewed within 24 hours. If you don't want to wait, you may donate on the website to skip the whitelist process.
Minecraft Username:


Picture of one of your builds (Optional):

How long have you been playing Minecraft?

Play Style: [ ] Solo [ ] Group [ ] Both

Have you ever been banned from a server? If so, why?

Do you agree to follow the rules?

Anything else you would like to add?
Alternatively, you may also fill out the application on the website.
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Support Email:

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