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Unicraft | Factions | PvP | Economy


Raid your Enemies
Build or Deceive your Alliances Trust
Backpacks (expand your inventory)
Player vs Player with additional Duelling System
Auto-Crafting Chests
Auto-Selling Chests
Player Owned Shops & Trading
Server Shop
Vote Rewards
Mineable Spawners (Silk Touch Only)
Faction Leaderboards (FTop)
End of Season with Real Awards

Java IP: | Port:25565
Bedrock/Geyser IP: | Port:19132

If you are playing on Bedrock from the United States, then you can connect through Geyser using a different IP to help minimise latency. Geyser United States proxy IP: | Port:19132

What is a Faction? A faction is a group of players, like a team, club or clan. By being in a faction you are able to claim territory, work together to gain power and build (or destroy) relationships with other factions.

To join the Discord server, follow this invite:

Since we started in June 2020, we have established a large and diverse player base... so no matter who you are or where you're from, you'll fit right in.

We do not have pages and pages of rules. Insiding is not allowed - there is nothing worse than spending a very long time on a base that would be difficult to raid, to have it taken from someone you thought you could trust. Alliance Raiding is however permitted (be careful who you can trust).

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