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We are a fairly new, small server with plenty of variety. We have nine minigames currently, including two 1v1 arena instances, a maze, a Parkour challenge, and a Capture the Flag and Team Deathmatch arena.
Our economy has frequently been complimented. The money system is balanced to where there is large cost variance between blocks, which are sold cheap, and rare items, which are sold quite a bit higher. Money can be earned by selling items to other players, participating in minigames, or adding to server roads. Taking on large projects might also earn you server money.
We lack many players at the moment, but that's where you come in.
Every individual player matters to us. We listen to and take all feedback, and we take all complaints very seriously. Griefing is rare, but we respond to it very quickly, and if no mods are available, there is a forum section on our website that will be seen rather quickly.
PvP, while encouraged, is automatically disabled, as it is an optional way of playing the game. To toggle it, type /pvp. We hold arena tournaments occasionally, depending on player demand.
Ultimately, we believe in community, and we're making quite a few changes, including working on a larger spawn and adding more minigames, to reflect the community's interests.

  1. No Griefing
  2. Don't disrespect staff or players
  3. Do not build 1x1 towers or similar aberrations.
  4. No hacks or exploits, including AFK farms, X-ray machines, and FlyMod
  5. Do not advertise in chat
  6. Don't spam and keep drama out of chat
  7. No chain killing
  8. No obscene symbols or skins
  9. Do not kill or steal other players' animals unless they are in public farms

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