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Allied Nations Factions Airships In Game MUSIC Tra

Allied Nations Factions Airships In Game MUSIC Tra


Basic Informations About This Server

In this server you can build airships, submarines and other crafts. You can make a faction and a base and become a powerful force on the server. Airships and submarines can fire torpedoes which can be used to destroy other peoples crafts in combat. Airships and submarines also have collision detection, if you hit something the area of your craft that was hit will take on damage. if a craft takes on too much damage it will crash. For example if an airship is flying and gets too damaged it will fall out of the sky and sink. Crafts also have engines which consume fuel. For combat with players or mobs there are many different types of guns you can buy such as shotguns, machine guns, snipers, grenades and MORE. You can also catch a pet. Pets can be trained and leveled up to gain new abilities and attacks. Pets can be used to fight other pets, mobs, and even players directly. Pets abilities range from having a secret inventory to being able to RIDE ON THE BACK OF YOUR PET. Pets can also be fed food to stay healthy. There are also illegal items on the server which can be used, farmed, and sold. There are police on ther server which can jail you if you are caught with them though. In the game there is also music that plays in certain areas or if a staff starts playing music for everyone on the server.


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