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Ark-Craft PVP & RPG Realm


What is Ark-Craft?

We are a community server led by Elfen. Our aims are to create a successful server where we are family. Every player is equally valued and has equal rights. We invite people of all ages and we make no differentiation You have the right to play on Ark-Craft and you avail the opportunity to create an image. Your image will judge how you will be treated in the game. Either the annoying thief that will be banned shortly or the man of help. You will go up in status based on your behavior. We expect you to behave mannerly and take care of others. Our objective is that when you wake up in the morning or come back in the evening you log in to Ark-Craft and remember the people you used to play with and greet them and enjoy playing with them. Conversing is very important. Conversing will tell us what kind of person you are. You may avail the opportunity by creating yourself a user on the forums and editing it based on your preference and create an identity of sort for yourself. Your character will grow in the game based on skill, age and rank. This will be explained further in this text.

What does Ark-Craft have?

  1. The chance to grow your player by earning money, finding ways of investment and starting a town where you remember the users in your town their personality and enjoy playing with them.

  2. The chance to skill. The skilling system on Ark-Craft is very unique. There are a couple of skills your player can master and there is more information on this on the Skilling bar. The skills are Agility, Combat, Cooking, Crafting, Defence, Excavation, Fletching, Mining, Range, Smithing and Woodcutting. Some of these skills are in early development. These aren't every day skills like in MCMMO. Each skill is very important in it's own manner. As an example combat, you raise your combat level by fighting different things like mobs. When you kill a mob you gain experience that will level you eventually. But when you start as a rookie you will not have the ability to wield a diamond sword. You can only use a wooden sword at level 1. Also at level 1 you will deliver low damage. By level 5 you will damage things more than before and your combat level will rise and you will have the ability to use a stone sword. But of course you still cant create a stone sword because your crafting level must be 5. Therefore you can decide to purchase one from the stores around the realm or ask someone to craft it for you. We have the same system for every other skill. When it comes to mining you will need higher levels to destroy specific ores and to use specific pickaxes. If two players come into combat, the combat level will tell who will win. But of course defence level will too. Players may be able to block or it may be harder to hit one than the other. So watch who you fight! The skilling on Ark-Craft makes Ark-Craft one of the most unique servers in Minecraft.

  3. Freedom of speech, you may say what you want as long as you dont cus. You can complain and we will try our best to repair.

What do I do when I start?

Firstly, when you start playing you have the choice of either running into the wild and gaining items and money by killing mobs and levelling to become stronger or start by joining a town where you can build your own home using their supplies or etc. You can trade in the town and make cash and of course train in the town. Then you can go on to making your own town if you want. You can always visit spawn to use shops and etc. You can come into battle with opposing towns where the highest level town will succeed winning. It is wisest to increase your skills and be highly known and feared. You can choose to be a warrior where the second an enemy lays their eyes on you they will run with fear. Ride on horses and be a legend. You may use the online map to locate enemies or enemy towns. Know who to avoid and when to avoid. It's your choice.

Is the server new?

Yes the server is brand new so this is your chance to level up and get ready. Create your town and recruit. We will need your help to gain players! You may invite your friends and etc. We will try our best to advertise the server and gain players.

Arkcraft has a stable and circulating economy! We have many economy plugins, just as well as Bazaars (player shops) located outside of spawn for anyones use! (under construction) We have Mob Bounty, where you can slay mobs for some money. There will be more ways to make money soon!

Arkcraft uses an amazing plugin called Towny. This plugin aids in grief protection, and allows players to band together to create something amazing, and battle their friends. You can even make nations to ally with other towns, or betray others!

To visit our website, simply click on the link below!
Be sure to register on the forums, and stay active in topics! It helps you stay in the loop. Our rules and guidelines will also be posted there, so be sure to see that as well, there is no excuse for not knowing the rules!

To play in game use this IP in multiplayer:


Read them all, it's worth spending the 1-2 minutes.

  1. Hacking, Griefing, Theft, and Rude behavior is not tolerated. It will result in a BAN on the first offence.

  2. Main chat is English only.

  3. You are not allowed to promote you own server in any way when you play at ours, this includes our forums.

  4. No spawning blocks, or asking for spawned stuff. (Exceptions may be made for realm projects)
    Offensive patterns of blocks are not allowed, and will result in a ban.

  5. No super high towers or single block towers.

  6. No floating bridges or roads everything needs to be attached to the ground.

  7. No floating islands. These get removed without notice.

  8. No tree farms on roofs.

  9. Use the public mines or make your mines unobtrusive.

  10. When you cut a tree take it all down leaves.

  11. No cutting custom made trees.

  12. PvP is allowed, although most towns prohibit it. If you kill someone, expect to get killed back, and be reasonable in terms of items.

  13. Ark-Craft is strictly a medieval server. If any unmedieval buildings are found they will be removed.

  14. No blockhouse,no pixel art, and if you get told to fix your house please do so.
    Mods ,Admins and Co-Owners have the right to point out an building doesnt fit the standard of the server!

Note that these rules are NOT set in stone, and may change or update at any time without notice.
All these rules can be looked up ingame with /rules too.

Server is part of Mcbans Ring of Trust - this means if you get banned here you will be banned from all servers that are members in this group!

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