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Otherworldly Kings [SEMI-VANILLA][SMP]


Server Name: Otherworldly Kings
Server Locale: United States
Server Address/IP:
Version: Bukkit 1.7+
Game Play Type/s: [Survival] [Unique Theme]
Description: We have a unique theme: at the start of the game, you can pick a Domain (currently Mer, Demon, Angel or Dweller). Each Domain has great powers over a particular area of the map. For example, Mer can breathe underwater, swim extremely fast, and summon both squids and water. Want to recreate Rapture, build a sinister castle in the Nether or dig out an underground fortress? Join us. We strive to be a friendly community, we have an extremely active administrator and we would love to have new people.
Rules: No Griefing/Stealing. Just don't be a mean person and we'll get along.
Plugins: {Essential} {WorldGuard} {MagicSpells} {Towny}
Owner: Me!

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