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What exactly is DrugLandMC?

It is a remake of a server that used to exist by the same name. The point of DrugLandMC is to add more fun to the normal minecraft experience. Most servers these days are "Faction PVP". I find that boring that people just keep on pumping out more faction pvp servers. What's the point? You make a team and fight others and steal their stuff. There doesn't seem to be a real objective. On DrugLandMC however, the objective is to sneak off into the wild, use your starter kit to start growing some of the objects that are used as fake representations of "Drugs" and to harvest them. Once they have grown, the player uses that to sell in the city's sewer system shop, where drugs are channeled through. Once the player gains enough money, they can then execute the command /rankup which will present them with a new rank, and a higher respect level. Also the player will receive a new benefit for ranking up, whether it be more sethomes, a new command, or the ability to start a server-wide auction.

If you want to get ahead of other players, while helping the development of the server, feel free to donate to the server.

The Link to the Webstore (Click Me)

Overall, I hope you have a more exciting experience, and maybe, this server will take off into a large community.

-Server Owner

Ranks ::
Fugitive : Default Rank (Access to Basic Commands, /tpa)
Runner : $5,000 (Access to /bid)
Criminal : $10,000 (Auction Start, /auc start)
Trafficker : $25,000 -- Allowed to Purchase PlayerShop
Grower : $55,000 (2 Sethomes)
Dealer : $110,000 (/compass)0
Supplier : $250,000 (3 Sethomes)
Patrone : $500,000 (/getpos)
DrugLord: $1,000,000 (Create and Disband Factions)
GodFather : $3,000,000 -- Check In-Game
KingPin : $9.000,000 (5 Sethomes)
OverLord: $20,000,000 (Access to /clear and /world)

Police Ranks - Must be Supplier Rank First
Trainee (Default) - Access to Basic Commands
Dispatch - $25000 - /near, 3 Sethomes
Officer - $75000 - /getpos, 5 Sethomes
DEA - $300000 - /seen , 7 Sethomes
Agent - $700000 - 10 Sethomes
FBI - $1250000 - /getpos others

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