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TreeBorn Race Wars


TreeBorn consists of 4 Races. Humans, Orcs, Dwarves and Elves. Each race must fight across the vast landscape known as TreeBorn. TreeBorn is a large City and Landscape ruled by King Scazzum. The land seems nice, but war between Races continue and the wrath of Herobrine strikes!

Each race has its own Base, Motherland and Type of Armour! People in your team must work with you to attack against other races!

Once you spawn, read the signs and follow the path that leads to the main castle entrance. One you are there, you should find a board that shows the three races. There, you can join one of the races. Once you pick a race to join and join it, you will be teleported to the motherland spawn of your races kingdom. There, you can visit shops and locals. There are also quests and extra adventures all around the map. Dungeons contain prizes and more!

Dwarves live deep underground in the darkest of caves, mining away and gathering resources to build up their empire. The great Dwarves are not far from the Orcs kingdom, therefore a great threat lies in-between fulfilled with War and Massacre. The dwarves have countless miners working away and creating new technology and weaponry.

The Elves of TreeBorn live in the Highest of trees, not far from the TreeBorn Kingdom. The elves have great Bow skills that are great benefits to prevent those from other races from attacking or getting up to the tree. The Tree that they live in (Also known as "The Last Root") is the last of its kind. No tree in TreeBorn is as big as "The Last Root".

TreeBorn Orcs are the most deadliest and gruesome. They understand very little of Mercy. Most Orcs are Battle-Orcs and consume weapons of mass destruction. Orcs live in the dark Kingdom. A castle not far from the Dwarves Mines. The Orcs are great warriors and can fight against almost any threat.

Humans look more towards the peaceful side. Although they are great masters of the Iron Blade, they work together to defend their own land, than take from other races. The Humans are not as large a Threat to the Dwarves or Elves as they are to Orcs. Humans have a large trade system that has lasted for many decades. They create large amounts of Crops and keep themselves together against threats.

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