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Description: We are a server of 8(and growing), looking to expand our fellowship with arms wide open to the addition of newcomers. We are a new server looking for a couple of strapping ladies and gentlemen to join our newly made server. When joining, you will want to be friendly, with a good sense of humor, we are a fun community and would love to have you wonderful people join.

Apply: To apply, please click the link to our forums page and there is a tab named Whitelist.

Owners are - Bagriel1234, Deceptivecreed, Napolean1992, and Medsen
Mods are - Angelkitty, Frozenbacon, and blizzardman.

Rules: First of all, there is an age limit. 15 and up. This is for a reason. Reason being we have had encounters with younger players, and they just dont happen to be mature enough, or dont understand the concept of this server a a whole, a community. This leads into the second rule. We are a community. Everyones input matters. There will be voting polls whether or not to be adding a rule, or a new plugin. So please, your input is key to making this server work as a community. Third, there is a no grief tolerance. If you do not step up to the plate and admit that you had done it and we find you out, you will get insta-banned. But however if you do tell us it was you, and we have a mid point to agree on, you will have 1 strike. after that one strike, you have a no bullshit policy. After your one strike and you do somthing to infringe the rules again, its an insta-ban. Fourth, cheating. The same rules follows as griefing. If you dont not step up and we find out, banned. If you do, 1 warning. Fifth, one of the most important rules. Treat others how you wish to be treated. We are all mature here, and we all want to have fun. If someone is bothering you, simply ask any of the admins or mods to resolve the problem. Rule Sixth, It is very important that you are having fun! yes we made this a rule because we do not want any grouches on the server, NOTE - you will not be banned or even given a warning for this reason, we just want to make it apparent that we want everyone to have fun.

Server Hardware: We are running 2200 Mbs which allows us to run 38 slots.

Plugins installed on server: Essentials, Residence, WorldEdit, Hawkeye, Quests, Multiverse, LWC, Dynmap, Citizens, Sentry, ExpBank,

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