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PvmCraft is an ever-changing hub server. We currently have two active servers as well as a new one in the making. The two active ones are survival and creative. The one in making being the nuclear apocalypse role-playing server. The survival server has many aspects, the main one being McMMO, which allows us to bring you level-able skills to Minecraft! The list of skills is quiet long, but you can find details on our forums at Our creative server currently has two plot-worlds, as flatland called Staff Land, and a default Minecraft world. The first plot world is a 32x32 plot-world where you build to earn the second rank. The second plot-world is a separate world with 71x71 plots, which is where you can go to build just for fun, no promotions, no ranks, just imagination. Our flatland is for staff and donators only. Our default Minecraft world is for our third server rank members (the rank Builder). You can get this rank by making a total of three great plots on our 32x32 plot world. Our nuclear apocalypse server is a server that explains the basics with its name. It's a world that is wrecked from nuclear war. Your goal is to survive. You can do so as a Bandit (bad guys) or a member of the Brotherhood of Steel (good guys). Each group has their own unique content.

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