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Blockforge is a laid back Bukkit survival style server with a community feel that adds a few small twists that spices up gameplay somewhat.(Server is in Hard Mode)
We run multiple worlds, a survival PvE world for those who like the vanilla aspects of the game, a creative world for those who like building big, and we run a PvP games world for those competitive people out there.
We run a small number for plugins that both enhance the game, and protect our players like McMMO,PlayerHeads,worldguard etc.

We have very few rules as we are laid back somewhat but please,

  • No client mods that alter gameplay.(mods like reis minimap and optifine are ok)
  • No Speed, Fly or X-ray hacks!!!
  • Don't ask for items / promotions.
  • Don't grief.
  • Don't be an arse.

What Plugins do you have?
The Plugins we have are, Mcmmo,Plotme,Multiverse,Playerheads,Lwc,Commandbook,Worldguard,EpicBoss

Do you have Ranks?
Yes we do, and you rank up by being friendly and playing regularly for a while.

Do you need Staff?
Sorry but we dont, we have enough friendly staff who are on quite regularly and who are very helpful.
(Op's are Ben_Coveney and Mattyluggs)

Where can i build?
You can build anywhere, just explore out from spawn, but please try not to go too far out as we're trying to keep the map size down.

Do you have forums?
Yes we do, you can look at them here

Got anymore questions?
feel free to ask a staff member at anytime.
Additional Details
Small 14 Slot Vanilla Server, Great Atmosphere with excellent mods. Just had a Map reset so there's plenty of room for keen new builders! We run a creative world for those who like experimenting!

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