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Welcome To NotAnotherCraft, For anyof you that find this that have been apart of the Nac project before, I Azreth am back, And properly hosted, no more crappy laptop, No more trees faling on my house..Not for the nitty gritty

NotAnotherCraft is a survival pvp server with room for those who dont want to pvp and just want to live peacfully

PvP in Nac is handled on a weekly basis between the factions of BlackFlame and Cicatricem it takes place in ever changing areanas in a search and destroy format, locate the enemy flag and hit the button and run.

On top of that we have a server shop for the normal world, and occasion adventure maps that you can apply to be in for the youtube channel that we are putting together.

Now for the condensed info,
[Admin team]
Head: Azreth
Public relations: Wildstang65
Server tech: KJ4IPS

[Notable plugin list and features]

WorldGuard - Region Protection
Multivere - Multiworld Support
LWC - Chest/Door Locking
Modreq - Moderator Reporting
StandardBooks - Books for rules/commands
Guilds - Guilds
Herochat - Chat
Essentials - Economy, homes, etc.
SignShop - Automated shops
CraftBook - Hidden Switches, etc.

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