This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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Enchanted 1.6.2 Creative and Survival which is kept updated each day.

What makes us different is we value our players and are laid back about rule breaking basically as long as you don't grief others or their work your good to go.

SO want to build something that others will one day see in creative or survival mode then Come check out Enchanted protect your land from the start so others cant build on it and share you land with others for bigger projects

We don't have many players at the moment as we are a new server BUT we are not going to vanish, Enchanted was not the first mine craft server but aims to be there where all others have turned to dust "we aim to be the last ever server for mine craft" if you build on enchanted your work will be protected

if you want to join a new server and just build then enchanted is for YOU we have multi world PVP and Survival and will be adding demigods 3 into pvp once it is out but for now we are all about the building and also survival

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