This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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We have Votifier so you can vote for Crates!
What are crates?
Crates are boxes that can be voted for or donated for, Upon voting you will receive a chest and a key. The chest has a 1/50 chance of giving you a god item!
(or a potato)
Donators can donate for a large number of crates giving them a higher chance!

This server has been around for 9 months and we have had enough time to make it perfect for our players. You'll never get bored with the players. The players are not only friendly, but fun and get along with each other.

The staff are exceptional and will resolve any issues you may have in your minecraft adventure.

We have a great economy with shops! We have god mode open for all players but if you want to PvP just do /god to turn it off! We have mobs aswell so we aren't short for XP!

The server's main map is 20000x20000 blocks out, mainly for building with your friends. It also has our beautiful cities and towns, and not only that, but, our Dangerous PVP Arenas.

The staff are online 24/7 to help you with your problems. We care about our players, so we don't give a unfair advantage to Moderators or Helpers over others. We pick the staff as a team and they are the ones to seek if your in need of some help. Also, we have a ticket system on the server, to help out players when staff isn't online.

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