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CommunityFactions is a, you guessed it, Community-Oriented Faction server, the first of its kind I believe.

But what the heck does that mean?

Well, Community Factions strives to be what few factions servers really are:


We strive towards friendly competition, fun, cleanliness (I got the NoSwear Plugin, don't worry.), teammwork, and most of all, a sense of community.

But Mr. Man who is writing this, how the heck are you gonna do that? Isn't Minecraft just a game filled with rude and selfish kids, where everyone just does things for themselves?

I'll tell you how! Through YOU! (And me, the guy who's writing this, obviously. I mean, someone had to make the server.) Through YOUR efforts, we can make this server a true haven for community fun and teammwork! And also a bunch of crazy battles and faction wars, but under the name of a community! If you take that first leap of faith and join this server, I know that we can make something truly special. It's just a matter of time before there's enough people on it to be comfortable!

But Mr. Man....

NO BUTS! Together, we can do this, one step at a time!

Will YOU Join the community?


Server is 95% complete. Such things as bugs, glitches, problems, mistakes, and suggestions make up the remaining 5 percent.

Server is running about 12 hours a day. From 9-12 AM to 10-12 PM Pacific Time.

Server is inviting anyone: Players, mods, builders, admin, whatever position you want to take that will help this community, you are free to do so! If, of course, I let you. Heh-heh.


All communication will be done through text. At least, from me to you and you to me.


Voting Plugin will be installed as soon as it is upgraded to 1.10.

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