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Hello, and welcome to our minecraft community! AusBlocks is currently a premium minecraft database being hosted in Sydney, Australia, offering a whole new minecraft experience for all who wish to join, and become part of our server society. This server is run, and Administrated by mature, reliable and professional staff members of whom have dedicated hours of their time to produce such an outcome. Our server is monitored, improved and updated daily, with the unique intention to provide only the very best minectaft experience for your entertainment and enjoyment.

Rules and Moderation:

Here at AusBlocks, we hope to provide a friendly and social environment for all of our users. Standing by this statement, we have been forced to create and enforce many rules of which have, and will be defined in-game, and on our upcoming website. These rules have been purely designed to improve the minecraft experience for all of our users, creating a a fun, family-friendly environment for all. Our current staff team is compiled of mature, young adults of which are professionally qualified to handle any conflicts or issues which may arise, and can easily provide quick, easy and manageable assistance when necessary. Our staff members maintain a high level of maturity, respect and professionalism, whilst also having the ability to assist our users, and uphold a secure, safe, and hassle free environment. We are always looking for possible staff members here in the AusBlocks community, as our current list is restricted only to the Australian time zone. Users who can prove themselves as mature and worthy players may be considered on our growing list of staff members!


Our server currently has enough space to uphold a separate world purely dedicated to the entertainment of our users. Several arenas, maps and mazes have been implemented into our server, providing the best gaming experience for all who wish to compete, battle and race other users. Despite this, our server has never failed to maintain the original vanilla minecraft experience, which many users thrive to have the opportunity to play in. Although our server is economy based, only the best items/treasures can be located in the large depths of our current map. If you're not the type who enjoys this type of gaming routine, a shop has been provided with almost all of your required needs; helping you become both resilient in your game-play, whilst also having the opportunity to purchase items at will.


Our current rank list includes only two ranks, Guest and User. Guest is compulsorily provided to all our users who join our community, from which an earned promotion can be achieved to our User rank by simply building, and protecting, a house which meets our minimum requirements. Easy, right? Our aim is to provide an easy ranking system to start with, to allow users to simply get a grip of what is to come! Donation ranks will definitely be introduced in the future, but our current ranking system is working just fine.

So what are you waiting for? Come on in, and get involved with our community! is used to connect to our database, so I'll guess we'll see you there! Feedback from our players is always accepted, and is greatly encouraged, as the purpose of this community is purely to provide an ultimate gaming experience for YOU!

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