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MinetyMC || Survival server || Ranks


MinetyMC is recently created new Minecraft multiplayer server. We are seeking for the best possible economy experienced, you can find on Minecraft. Since, we are fairly new server, we are starting with Beta time before actual public server opening. We are also looking for staff, but don't expect just to come on to the server and ask for the rank. We expect you to play on the server at least week before applying.

We are going to keep updating the server every week and we have plans to add more and more stuff, gamemodes, events and make sure the community becomes bigger and nicer for everyone.

Our Economy based survival server has landclaims, pvp, shops and ranks so far, however we are going to keep updating it and we are planning to add more stuff. events, automatic rank ups and jobs, custom games etc..

Feel free to come check out our new server and please leave comments what you would like us to do next. Cause our main goal is to follow what the community wants.


MinetyMC Staff

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