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Vamped PvP BETA


We are Vamped PvP
Brand new faction pvp server in beta looking for players to come and play/help with bugs!
I've tried making servers in the past and was successful with a few, but small communities alot of the time crash and burn, like mine.
But, in that time i've watched players, tried to figure out what they like. So i tried my best to create a server that players would like.
Features on Vamped PvP?
Working on custom plugins (unknown how long it will be)
Factions- Create a faction with friends and dominate all!
Auctions- Auction off items that arent need or make a few bucks selling valuables!
Donations- Donating helps you, your faction and the server get exclusive access to slots, shops, and items! (Donations will be used towards the server. Advertisments, Server upgrades, ect. The rest will be used for personal use)
Slot Machines- Feeling lucky and want to gamble? Go ahead! Buy coins and hit up the slots! Each coin used adds $50 to the jackpot and when you win, you get the jackpot and goodies!
Lets go over Factions
Finally we have factions! But a bit diffrent from the norm. With this factions it brings back an old 1.5.2 fill with faction money! You have to put money into your faction to claim land, create one, and more.
This is great because I thought it was just a refresh from the good old days on minecraft. New players will probably like this, because it hasnt been done in so long,and it brings a whole new aspect to factions!
You can see whos the best faction by there faction's money balance!

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