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Survival Craft


Survival Craft is a high-energy, action packed server with tons of fun to be had!
We are running a semi RPG and faction Server whit Police.

Our staff is always helpful and we usually have at least one Staff online at all times. We are quick to check griefs and roll them back when we're able to. We have dedicated players that stick around because they love what we offer. The server owners are constantly adding new and exciting things to the world to make sure you will never be bored!

Survival Craft: A Terribly Pleasant Experience

We also do not support griefing unless its Faction Vs Faction.

Just a few of the plugins we use:
-CookieMonster: Mobs drop more stuff.

  • Villages: Make your own Town and rule.
  • QuickShop: Make your own shop Quick and easy!
  • LWC: Lock yo doors! Lock yo chests! Lock yo furnace!
  • NoCheatPlus: You'll just have to see this one in action.
  • mcMMO: Level up, be the best, make everyone feel inferior to your might!
  • iConomy: The best economy plugin!
  • Survival Games: Play it and survive to be the WINNER!
  • TimeIsMoney: Earn Money for time spent in game!
  • WorldGuard: Fires don't spread, lava doesn't start fires, etc...

And we're adding more all the time!

If you have questions or comments please leave a msg here :)

Hop on in and see what the Survival Craft is all about!

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