This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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IceCraft, Fun server and Friendly Staff
PVP and Raiding is Enabled on the Main Land

We have shops, to buy the basic things in the game, but we are working on a big market with every item in the game for you to buy!
We also have FoodFarms and TreeFarms for you to get started!
There are cool donation perks like backpacks, pocket enchanting tables, disguise as any mob, colored names and a lot more!
Build on Mainland, or build protected with plots! (survival plots) but you will have access to the creative world if you donate!

•Capture the Flag
•MC Infected
•PVP Arenas
•Horse Racing for 1.6
•Mob Arena

•Survival Games
•Mob Arena
•Cookie Monster
•And A lot more

•No Cheating
•No Links
•No Griefing
•Be Respectful
•Don't Argue
•Don't Beg (Ranks,Money,Items Ect.)
•No Foul Language

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