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Pixel Revolution: A revolutionary Pixelmon Server


We're excited to be launching a brand new Pixelmon Minecraft Sever named PixelRevolution. The concept for PixelRevolution is the brain child of Cydonis76 and Ethan2003. We are a father and son team. Originally we just wanted to create a safe and awesome place for Ethan and his friends to play online. It has since grown into a full fledged minecraft server that we have decided to open to the pubic.

PixelRevoluiton uses a custom map of Japan made with LIDAR data downloaded from USGS. This LIDAR data was obtained over several space shuttle missions. We used WorldPainter to create a custom environment that is resource rich so you can spend more time playing Pixelmon instead of mining. We also have more gravel than your typical Minecraft Map. This is because Pixelmon fossils will spawn in gravel pits.

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