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FusionCraft Pixelmon

✪ FusionCraft Pixelmon ✪

FusionCraft Pixelmon

FusionCraft Pixelmon

Download the launcher here:

Start in a small town and pick your starter! Walk through the world, build towns, forge friendships, catch pokemon, and most of all, beat the elite 4! Bring your friends and forge a team to battle against others in a four round tournament, take you and your team to the top, battle our elite group of pokemon trainers for each category, become the champion of the server. Join in events to catch legendary pokemon and rare pokemon to fill up your pokedex. There will be even more events in the future such as a Magikarp Fishing Contest, the largest karp wins the contest catch gyarados and get a special prize!. Bring your team down to your nearest town and enter to win a chance to get a rare item or pokemon every week! Now Sit back, relaxe, and catch some pokemon!

To play, just launch the game from Technic Launcher. This is the link to our Modpack:

Join us on Discord:

!!! We are recruiting! Please come to our Discord server and ask for the App. !!!

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