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  • Server Website & How To Join +

Register On Our Website At And Our Server IP Is

  • What You Can Do +

On Beast-Crafting we are a friendly community faction/pvp server, Join today and show us what it takes
to be the best faction, You can create a faction with friend's and battle your enemies you could be the best faction on the entire server!

  • Why choose us +

Yes there are many faction servers out there but Beast-Crafting is the best, We also have donor rank's with exclusive donator perk's and commands, Check out our store right now when you use the code BEAST you get 40% off your entire shopping cart. There are many faction server's but on Beast-Crafting we have a shop with almost all the things essential for being a minecraft pro! We also allow for our players to raid/grief their enemies, We also use the plugin obby breaker which allows Obsidian to be blown up with 5 tnt in our case. So join today and i promise it will be the best minecraft experience that you have ever had!

  • Drop Partie's +

On Beast-Crafting we have daily drop partie's, that is if we have 7-10 player's on! And when i host drop partie's it't not a waste of time it will be OverPowered and i will drop lot's of stuff!

  • Staff +

We currently are full on staff but feel free to register on our website and fill out a staff application, We choose our staff by how dedicated they are to the server and what they can bring to Beast-Crafting!

-=- Thank You for Your Time -=-

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