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BukkitMC is a new, exciting Minecraft server. One with a difference. We offer custom plugins to make your experience the best it can be for you and your friends!

Custom Plugins

BattleBox - Every hour if enough players are online there is a 70% chance for a BattleBox to drop! This BattleBox will be locked for 10 minutes, the coordinates announced in chat. Everybody will have a chance to get to it, and after the 10 minutes are up the chest unlocks, the loot up for grabs. First come first serve. Don't get there first? Well kill the people who did! It's an all out fight to the death! Be a person who grabs and runs or a fighter, you'll have a fun time in this awesome event.

FastPath - Sponges! When you are walking/sprinting on sponges, you get a speed buff! This will prove very useful for getting down long strip mines and Faction bases! Only donators will be able to place them, and they are received upon donation with extras able to be purchased at shop. Though be careful, because anybody can destroy and steal them!

Custom Enchantments
Yep, custom enchantments are here. Being not just one or two, I've created a spot just for them. Feel free to suggest some on our forums!

Life Steal - A classic! Do damage, and get health for it! This enchantment is for swords only, and can be super helpful in fights!

Frost Bite - One of my personal favorites. Hit a player with this enchanted blade, and they get a temp slowness and mining fatigue! So not only can they have a harder time catching you, but they swing slower too!

Tank - Ever feel like you don't have enough health? Well worry no more! With each piece of armor enchanted with Tank, you get a little bit more health! Up to another full bar with all four pieces enchanted!

Owl Vision - This is a helmet only enchantment, and it's pretty simple. See like an owl! Whenever wearing this helmet you get night vision for as long as you have it on! Very useful in caves, dark fights at night, or strip mining without torches.

Wimp - This is for all the people who like to boost away before dying in a fight, be it a 1v1 or giant mass battle. With this enchantment when your health gets below 25% you get a temporary speed buff. For people without the Tank enchant or any other health-increasing buffs, this would be at 2.5 hearts.

Head Admins - chrisman0091, petercraig
Admins - None.
Moderators - None.

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