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Exodus PvP!



At Exodus PvP, we want to make this the best faction server you have played on. Our server doesn't have many strict rules so you can play freely without admins jumping on you. We don't punish people badly until the 2nd offense. We investigate players that we are suspicious of hacking/cheating. We TP around in /vanish and make sure everyone is playing fair.

Some of our rules:

  1. Hacking results in ban after second offense.
  2. Admins do NOT need permission to investigate bases/players.
  3. Speak English in public chat and other languages in /msg or faction chat.
  4. Racism will result in mute, and then ban if it keeps occurring.

For new players:

  1. We have a walk-through for new players on Factions and how to make one etc.

  2. You have 30 minutes of pvp protection to get out of spawn and make a base without being bothered.

  3. The admins will always answer questions, just /msg them.


•Somebody killed me and stole all my stuff, how do I get it back?
-You have you get it back, that is actually something we encourage so be careful, train, and defend your self.

•Is griefing allowed?
-Yes griefing is allowed since you can protect your land with claiming them using factions, the only thing that could destroy your objects on your claimed land is explosions. (TNT Shot with a cannon, creepers)

•An admin just teleported to me, is he going to attack me?
-No, the admins are there to monitor and work on the server to ensure you have the best time, ignore him being there.

•Admin, can I get get a tp to spawn? Can you spawn me this item?
-No, admins are there to make sure server is going well not to serve your whims!

•I saw someone hacking on the server, what should I do?
-Message an admin, also try to screenshoot or record the violation. We may ask that you post it later on our forums.

•I got banned unfairly and I want to object!
-There is a section in our forums for objections to bans and be sure if you were innocent your ban will be undone.

Multiverse - for minigames

If you like this server you can help in keeping it running, server hosting is pretty costly, and in Exodus PvP, no good deed goes unrewarded, and we have have a great rewards system.

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