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Haze Hollow


Haze Hollow

Join the land of Haze Hollow, and a rise up through the ranks start as a measly peasant and and work your way up to a Paladin. While rising in the ranks, gain respect from the five nations of the world. Live the life as a commoner through one of our towns, or make a name for yourself, and rise your town to power in one of the nations. All of your decisions will impact the world, remember some people may want peace others may not

Part of our roleplay, includes the ability to marry other palyers, and make a family. When you marry someone it gives you a extra home, which you can build for you and your lover.

We added cool features, which gives 24 extra arrows, which adds a cool aspect, and makes skeletons harder to kill. As you develop your skills on the server and rank up you get access to more arrows. Donating also gives you acess to all the arrows as well.

For info on our donator ranks, goto the enjin shop.

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