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Prison || OP || Crates || PvP || Voting Rewards || Donor Perks || Kits || 30+ Ranks || Plots || Lottery || Marriage || Duels


  • How Prison Works -
    Prison is the leading popular objective gameplay to minecraft. You start at a given rank. For FrostBite Prison, You will join the server as rank A. It is your duty to pay off your prison sentence by mining, selling, and ranking up using the given mines. The higher rank you are, the better mine and prices you get. Rank up through our ranks until you achieve your freedom!

  • Money, Ranks & Ranking Up -
    FrostBite Prison offes over 30 ranks. We have A to Z ranks, including Prestige Ranks and Free. once you have enough money, simply type/rankup to move on to the next rank! You can see a list of all the available ranks and their prices with /ranks .
    Earn money by mining it the mines given to your rank. Your rank is given a mine with special blocks and ores for you to mine and sell. You can also gain perks by voting or donating. A-D mines have a section you can mine for wood. You may use this wood to create chests and design your plot!

  • Rules -
    To keep the server clean, friendly and fun, we have a list of rules we wish you to follow.

    1. Do not Spam
    2. Do Not Advertise Other Server IP's
    3. Be Respectful o Both Staff and Other Players
    4. Do Not Hack or Abuse Glitches
    5. Use Your Common Sense !
  • YouTube Rank -
    Many people always want to know about that special little YouTuber rank! To earn this rank, you must have 200+ Subscribers and 500 views on a video. If you meet the requirements and wish to get the rank for yourself, simply message an admin or owner in game! Please note you will be asked to make videos of the server to keep the rank!

  • Other Information -
  • Crates !
  • PvP !
  • Plots Available to everyone !
  • 24/7 and Lag Free !
  • Donor Perks !
  • Friendly Staff !
  • Op Drop Parties !
  • Op tools and Armour!
    ... And much, much more!
    Join in the fun today!

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