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About The Server:

Are you looking for a server to have fun? Don't you like it when you kill that player you have been wanting to kill or raid that base you have been looking for? This is the server for you! Soon as you join the server as a new play you recieve items that will help you get a head start! Create your faction, invite friends and players, find a good place to build, and start your conquest! This server has great and excellent staff that will help you every once in awhile, it might come out of thin air so be watching!


With this awesome plugin soon as you join you can team up with your friends or other players! Claim your land, place your chests, make those farms, and become one of the most powerful factions out there. If you donate make a mob grinder and be able to get enchanted armor and kill the other players. Be careful though, in this server you are able to open up doors and chests in enemy territory, so build traps to get those players back!


Raiding is one of the most fun things you can do on servers. Since this is a faction server, you are able to raid other factions and steal their goodies! Use TnT to blow your way into an enemy base, or even just lure a creeper to their front door, there are many ways to get inside a base. Once you make it inside just enemy their faction and open their chests right infront of their eyes and take their stuff!


We support players going after each other, hunting each other down, or just messing around hitting each other. We offer many PvP arenas, a open area infront of spawn to fight, and a border of 6000 to find each other easier then those other servers with borders at 10000+ blocks.

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