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Come Join us on Zemyna during our Early Access, Pre-Alpha release!

We are steadily supplying our server with updates of bug fixes and features, so that we may steadily draw closer to our final product!

We have a whopping 13 custom plugins planned in all, and are getting started with our first. We need players to test out our features as they are released slowly into our Test World, and report Bugs back to us so that they may be properly fixed and tended to.
We are also using this time to manage out balancing stats and information for our various feature needs.

Currently we are supporting a total of 18 different Races/Species to choose from, all of which have a wide variety of Health, Mana, Energy and Stamina. Each Race/Specie also comes fully equipped with it's own set of Character Attributes!
That's right.. We're using standard Attributes on our server, and for your characters! That's means we will provide you ways to level up and increase your stats along the way. We give no Hard Class restrictions and believe that you want to be that Battle Mage, then you should be able to do so!

We provide a whole brand new, player editable world, with only server locations with anti-build restrictions.
Come join us in our testing phases and watch us draw ever closer to being able to provide you with the most flexible RPG server out there!

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