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PirateCraft - Working Ships and Cannons, Mature 25

PirateCraft - New Pirate themed minecraft server
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Minecraft pirate ship and parrot


6/2/2014 Completely fresh, Re-Built from the group up, PirateCraft V2 was just released!

  • Connect using
  • Survival with GriefPrevention, Siege, Moving ships and Cannons
  • 50 Slot Server
  • Staff: GodsDead & Iamthereaper89

Leave the small spawn shipwreck to start building and looting straight away, rank up to build and sail your own ship, equip it with cannons and rain clustebomb fire upon your enemies!
You can protect your land and buildings using a golden shovel, We have up-to date detailed information on each subject on our website.

Detailed Information on our website PirateCraft.

10 Commandments

  • Be Polite Respectful to all players.
  • Anything cGodsDeadr or 6Iamthereaper89r says, goes.
  • Use common sense.
  • No Hacking/Cheating at all, Permanent ban.
  • Lootin Killin is Ripe!
  • Goods will not be replenished.
  • Do not ask for items or rank upgrades.
  • Do not claim piles of rubbish as a form of griefing.
  • No advertising at all.
  • No shops near spawn.

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