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background story: You where a small time merchant in the mid 1800's. A customer stole your most prized item, your beacon. That night, you snuck into the house of the thief and took back your beacon. The only problem was, the cops showed up as you where leaving his house, and arrested you for breaking and entering, and "theft", even though the item was really yours. You are now in an unknown underground prison. You can hear the other prisoners moan. You do not know how long you have been down in the prison. Join an see the magic happen. Escape the prison with the help of magic, and go back up to your city. What will you find? How long have you been down in this prison. When you come back up, will their be a plague spreading? mythical creatures such as vampires and witches fighting to rule the world? Create your story from there, at SullyCraft!!

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