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Spawn Castle at Night

Spawn Castle at Night

The North face of spawn castle, with hot air balloon and ship teleport vehicles.
Player Owned Shops

Player Owned Shops

Sell your warez, or buy that hard to get item here!
The view from the spawn throne

The view from the spawn throne

Welcome to Semanti, we roll out the red carpet for you!

Minecraft Survival Server

Semanti is all about community.

New. Friendly. Almost-vanilla.

If you're tired of being lost in the crowd with massive multi-world servers, Semanti might be the place for you. Strike up new friendships. That's what the multiplayer community is all about anyway.

We're a pretty new server. So there's lots of opportunities to be a part of the server startup through spawn builds, suggestions/staff interaction, and content creation. Give us your input. We're listening.

Our intention is to keep our survival and economy gameplay aspects as vanilla-ish as possible, while still providing a few necessities and extra features that make multiplayer gaming fun. In addition to the basic anti-cheating and anti-griefing plugins, our almost-vanilla survival server features include...

Ranks and rewards: based on voting

Teleportation: /spawn /warp /tpa /back

Plugin features: HeadDrops, Shopkeepers,

Minigames: Spleef, Quicksand DrawMyThing, IcyTower (More coming soon!)

Contributor Perks: Custom Ranks, Chat-Nametag-Sign Colors, Hats, Particle Trails, Lightning, Block Pets

If it's your first time logging on the server, tell an in-game admin the secret code <eggpotatofluffycorns> for a free 1k claim block boost and 10 diamonds.

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