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MagixTech [Official]


MagixTech Has Been Under Development for 4 Months Now and We're Finally Releasing it to the Public!

MagixTech [LORE] : Back 1,000 Years ago there were castles, and wizards, and soldiers that lived under the order of kings, at the same time in the future of another time stream tanks roll out. Warplanes take off, Infantry load up their various guns and weapons. Along with all that ... Simultaneously in the third and Final Time Stream There is a happy world filled with pokemon and Pokemon Trainers and Gym Leaders That spend their lives raising , battling, and training Pokemon's of all Variety. Then One day hidden in a little office on Planet earth 3 Mischevious Minecrafters decided to bend the 3 time streams into one and see what would happen. Little did they know they just brought about the start of something INCREDIBLE and thats where it leaves us now... This is where you take over Soldier, or Should I say Wizard, Or should I say Pokemaster... That's all up to you. YOU are Chosen To write the history of what happens in these 3 collided worlds... You are their only hope.

MagixTech [Official Server] :
Most Servers in minecraft and or technic have server rules as to where you can build, where you cant build or what items you can or cannot use... Those Do not apply here. On our server the only rule is don't be a griefer ... If your caught or Reported to be causing massive purposeless destructiong well thats a shameful thing you'll lose our trust and the privelege of our server and we'll ban you thats a fact. But For those that wanna have fun... We have essentials and Faction... No donator ranks... But a Player Based Economy. No custom spawn ... Just spawn in and explore the world your fate is what you make it. Team with friends or Go it alone the choice is yours! There are Endless possibilites and Little to None for Restrictions.
Join us today at :

MagixTech [Updates] :
We Will be updating and improving the modpack every 2 weeks, Some Modpack makers make a pack and then abandon it to stay outdated... Us on the other hand will take great care to pay attention to our players wants and requests our dev team is quite skilled so just inbox me and we might be able to implement your requests.

MagixTech [Donations] :
Donations are always appreciated , but are not required to do good. If you do donate however We will give you special perks and put your name in the hall of fame.

MagixTech [Hall of Fame]
Donator - amysterysecret [$20] - Legendary Craftsman - Honorable Soldier - Badass Pokemaster

I'd Really Appreciate if more people can enjoy this pack so Give it a +1 and tell your friends to do the same, Within a few weeks we will be adding a R.a.F Function (Recruit a Friend) so that If you refer friends and get them to +1 the pack they will be rewarded on ther server!

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