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Meepcraft Towny beta Release
Meepcraft April Fools Party
Meepcraft Spawn Upgrade
Meepcraft KitPvp Server

Are you looking for a serious minecraft economy server? A server that has mastered economy for nearly 2 and a half years? One that every block is either bought or mined from the wild? One that no matter the rank, you can affect the average item prices and the economy dradticly? One that has nearly 800 towns spread out over 2 different servers (Meepcraft Towny Alpha and Beta)? Well we have he right server for you! Welcome to Meepcraft! The #1 HardCore Economy server in the world!
Economy: We have 4 dedicated servers for the Economy (not including economy at spawn).

  • Towny Alpha
  • Towny Beta
  • The wild
  • Skyblock islands
    We also have economy at spawn which has:
  • Trading Facilities /trade
  • Head Shops /head
  • Banks /bank
  • Mob and PvP arenas /mobs and /pvp
    We also have a growig number of epic minigames!
  • Halo
  • Colonies Ctf
  • Kitpvp
  • Boomo
  • Tnt Run
  • Hunger Games
    No wonder why we are the #1 Hard Core economy server!
    Team speak:
    Created by: Fuzzlr

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