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HostileMC is a network of servers that allow players to experience a range of different play types with a constantly growing community. This network is built and maintained using the famed BungeeCord setup. Dedicated staff are appointed to BungeeCord to ensure that there is a constant 24/7 uptime. Dedicated staff are also appointed to every server to maintain ongoing condition of each server connected to the network. The community is the pride of HostileMC. Everything done on this network is done with a large consideration and input from the community.

The Network:

Currently the HostileMC network consists of 2 main servers. The first of the two is a prison server that gives players rich gameplay in an open prison environment. The second of the two is an ultimate faction server. This server is still in progress but with the input of the active community, it is being tailored more and more to the players of today.

The Community:

The HostileMC community is constantly growing larger with the support of existing players. Most new players that join are welcomed into the community and are continuously looked after by the high rank players. With this support, players enjoy their time in the HostileMC network and decide to stay like so many before them have chosen. This enlarges the community with active members who are dedicated to the expansion of the individual servers and the network.

The Staff :

Staff are a big part of the continuous maintenance of the HostileMC network. Staff are appointed to a specific server to maintain their skills and knowledge are relevant to the server. Global staff hand pick players and train them personally to ensure that all staff have the skills required to maintain the server and uphold on all of the rules in place. This high level of dedication generates a friendly and joyful environment for all members to play in.

Growth of the Network :

HostileMC is on the constant lookout for players who not only have the skills to help others and maintain a server, but also with the ability to create new and exciting aspects for the network. This includes add-ons to existing servers and also new ideas to create a new server to join the HostileMC network. Players like this are valuable to the network and are always treated fairly like every other member.

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