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Arcadia Craft


ArcadiaCraft was founded by S-AdminMy_Asylum~S-AdminDark_Jasper~[S-Admin]Xanadu85. They all wanted a server that was run by a professional staff and was a peaceful economy server. All S-Admins are true EosCraft fans and have been on the server for over 3 years. EosCraft has taught them how to run a server in a professional way to make sure the citizens for Arcadia have an amazing vacation in paradise.

Arcadia is a place for players to be able to enjoy a fun, peaceful, and relaxing game session where you don't have to worry about other people killing them, stealing, griefing, ect. Our staff is trained to not allow other people to mess with our members. We take pride in making sure that you are enjoying your time and having a peaceful time here at Arcadia.

Arcadia has a variety of donor ranks to allow players to recieve more commands - the more they donate. {ALL RANKS CAN BE FOUND AT SPAWN IN THE SERVER} Donations allow us to upgrade the server and make your stay here at Arcadia better.

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