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1.No spamming in chat
2.No disrespecting staff, this normally results in temporary ban or an apology to the staff member.
3.No asking staff members for items, result?Tempban
4.No hacking period. Results in Permanent ban or Temporary ban.
5.You cannot ask staff to help you with basic play work.
Besides from what's not in the Title we have:
1.Crates = Gives you amazing items when you place them down.
2.Movecraft = Makes you a ship and you can drive it!
3.Auction = Auction your items!
4.MobKills = Kill a certain amount of mobs for money and prizes!
We hope to give you a very epic experience invite your friends as this is a faction server and someone is always going to want to take you down. If you had extra brains and workers you would most definitely be the best faction. When you join you'll feel very welcomed!
~ Alec Owner

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