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-=[ New PvP Experience ]=-

What is MCRaids?
MCRaids is a PvP server aiming to cater to the survival crowd, as well as those who want to enjoy Minecraft without worrying about being banned for griefing or raiding by admins and losing all their hard-earned possessions because of that. MCRaids is open to all players, however some conversation on the server may be considered offensive to players under the age of 13. We consider our friendly and talented community one of our best features, and we hope to see it continue to flourish.

What can I expect?
The first time you join MCRaids, you arrive in a cavern on a lush cave light simply made for best user experience. You are greeted with the choice to either get starting building your base or checking our donator ranks and getting know with our community.

We offer two main worlds to play in. The first world (also the one you spawn in) is an expansive survival world in which you can explore the landscape, build your base, and fight through the night to earn money to buy items at the Cave Shop near the Cave spawn. The second world is Hunger Games custom coded for our server with custom maps and epic gameplay, unfourtunately its not available yet!

What are the ranks?
Our ranking system is quite simple and is as follows:

Raider: The rank all players start as when they first join the server.

Mini Donator: Earned by donating 5$ to the server.

Mini Donator+: Earned by donating $10 to the server.

Donator: Earned by donating $15 to the server.

Donator+: Earned by donating $35 to the server.

Trusted: Active players which are old enough to be elders of our community.

Moderator: Staff rank. Moderates the server and assists players.

Admin: Staff rank. Assists in administrative decisions and tasks.

What if I need help with something?
Be it a complaint about another player or how to use a command, our knowledgeable and mature staff are there to assist players with any questions or issues that they may have. There is almost always at least one staff member online, so you can relax and play knowing that the server is in good hands.

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