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About Us

Insomnia Craft is a server that focuses on hardcore PvP, factions and raiding while adding custom content and balancing PvP mechanics. Insomnia Craft's main goals are professionalism, engaging PvP, and balance. We've taken the time to create a professional website, ranks, punishment system, etc and most importantly, we are a cracked server.


Custom Map: Our map is 100% custom made to suit your needs. It's 12000 x 12000 and still has a natural feel to it without all the ugly clutter around. Not many people create a large custom map in a factions pvp server, so for the sake of being unique, I did. Our map contains continents split up across the world, each continent is it's own biome to separate them individually. Each biome / continent has it's own warp.

Professional Staff: We strive to be as professional as possible. If you purchase an online game and summon a staff member or submit a ticket, you expect to be treated fairly, you expect the staff member to know how to spell properly, you expect professionalism, and that is what we offer.

Unique: We are not your typical cookie cutter Minecraft server, yet we offer a familiar experience so that you aren't confused. We've got a custom website that isn't made by some third party like enjin, a custom map that isn't randomly generated, even custom made plugins specifically designed for our server.

Website: Like I mentioned earlier, we took the time, effort and money to create a fully custom designed website that isn't third party. We simply found the old "enjin" approach lazy and unprofessional. Our website has tons of useful tools and features and is definitely a "site" for sore eyes.

Shop & Economy: Since this is a PvP server, we've added an in game shop and economy system that allows players to gain money by killing monsters, auctioning items to other players, and buy / sell things in the shop. This allows players to spend less time grinding, and more time raiding or building.

Fair Punishment: We believe that everyone is innocent until proven guilty, and because of that we have a dedicated staff that checks logs, monitors players, and keeps the garbage out of our game. We've implemented a jail system that allows us to hold players for a max amount of time while we investigate their crimes. We issue fair jail sentences / ban times if they are even needed.


No Advertising: Advertising another server will be a permanent ban. Do not advertise anything on the server that is not specific to the server. Advertising in game items is acceptable as long as it's not deemed as spam.

No Hacks or Unfair Mods: We use NoCheatPlus on this server and we log every attempt you make at using hacked clients and mods. Do not think you can sneak this past us, we are not lazy staff. We will be on the server in vanish mode watching players.

No Alternate Accounts: You may only have 1 account per IP on the server at all. If you have made a second account by mistake, or you have family or friends on the same IP, you must request your second account from us. accommodations may be made.

No Spamming: Typing the same thing continuously within a short period of time is spamming. This applies to all chat at all times, including the forums, the chat room, sales, and the in game chat.

No Auction Scamming: Auction scamming is against rules because players cannot tell the difference between certain items at times. It takes away from the player experience and we find it unfair. Auction scammers will be punished here. No exceptions will be made.

Respect Staff & Players: Excessive swearing, racial slurs, spamming the chat with profanity, etc. will not be tolerated. This is an adult rated server, and we do not filter or censor your chat, but no one wants to hear your trash.

No Glitching: Enderpearl Glitching, Duping, Teleport Glitches, etc. If you find a glitch and would like to report it, we will attempt to fix the glitch.

Impersonation: Impersonating another player or staff member is a punishable offense. Impersonating staff is very serious and will result in a permanent ban in most cases. This includes our forums, our chat, in game, and faction names.

Server IP:

This is an open server, and anyone may connect. We do not require online registration, white listing, or even a premium account.

Our Goal

Our server started out simply because we could not find a server that was "good enough", some servers had it close but couldn't compare to our high standards, we wanted everything that we now offer. We will continue to grow no matter how hard it will be, we are determined to be number one over all. All of our donations will go back into the server to provide every player no matter how many with a lag free experience.

We are currently "Beta Testing" but it's open, and encourage players to come try us out while the server is still fresh. You'll receive the "Beta" rank and our special "Beta Kit" to get started which is limited time only.

Visit our website at
Skype: InsomniaCraft

Thank you for taking interest in Insomnia Craft. We hope to see you soon - Keith

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