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[MinecraftSeeds Creative&FacPVP&Arcade]
Minecraft-Seeds was orginally focused on the faction PVP
aspect of Minecraft, however, after playing on servers such
as hypixel and others we decided to take our server up a notch.
As of 8/31/2013, the server features a creative world & arcade with
serveral minigames (We will add more as time goes by). Here is a little
about our server in each catagory:


        Creative on mcseeds is available through a portal at /spawn and you can
        only exit by warping out. It is impossible to take things out of creative
        and we have tested it over, and over again. Please note that our current
        plugin acts rather strange (as of 8/31/2013) so if there is any issues,
        please tell a admin and we can reload the plot plugin to fix it. Plot
        sizes are 64x64 (LxW) 

        [FACTION PVP]
        The oldest mode on mcseeds, this is our focus. We run factions and factionsplus.
        The shop is close to completetion as well (So be patient). There is a party
        room in the pvp world, at /warp pvpparty. Which I also need to point out,
        all warps in the pvp world have pvp before its name. ex: /warp pvpshop

        ARCADE IS IN BETA! It currently features TnT run and spleef only, but trouble in
        mineville maps as well as room for one more game are coming. (We take suggestions :) )
        If you see any bugs, please /helpop and send us a message. We also add lobbies
        as the demand rises, so if that lobby you want to play in but it's always full? Let us know,
        we'll add another one for you

        On mcseeds the rules are rather basic. They are as followed:
        1.Do not ask for OP, you will be smiten until the admins are done laughing, then banned.
        2.Do NOT hack/glitch/dupe/bring stuff over from creative to survival. You will be instantly ip-banned
        3.You are allowed to curse on this server, but do not make it excessive.
        4.Do not try and make it past the spam filter.
        5.No racist, sexist, or homophobic attitudes are allowed on this server. 
        6.No advertising of any kind. Not even private messages. Sorry, this is to prevent "player-stealing"

        Owner: mrstanlee - Does not get on alot, but owns a server hosting company which means we get this server for
        free. This server has 256 slots & 8GB of RAM with room for double that if required. 
        Admins: Xzodius - Does advertising, does plugins, and helps overrun the overview of the server
                RichSABACAB - Helps build and test things, a good person.
        Mods:   Garthel - Experienced PvP player, and a long-time player.
                Lane2242 - A nice, quite player who will really try and help you.
                czartheking2665 - Assists in building spawn and will try and help you.

        1. Can I get admin? No. Screw off.
        2. I found a bug! Wat do, get away with it and get banned, or tell a admin and get a reward? I think ya just answered yourself there.
        More to come in FAQ

        Plugins we will allow to be revealed:
        - Multiverse 
        - HeavySpleef
        - mcmmo
        - Factions & Factionsplus
        - InfinitePlots

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