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We are a fairly new dedicated rpg/factions server,


Welcome, brave hero, to Lost Kingdoms. Long ago, the land was ruled by evil and corruption. But we fought back, and we started a community that grew into a kingdom, and that kingdom grew into many. Join us in this world and create your own kingdom that will rule the land! Choose your class, depending on what character you would like to be. A healer? Or a lone assassin traveling the world for their next victim... you decide!

Lost Kingdoms is a fairly new RPG server. We have a dedicated server host, and so we generally have a high uptime. We have a friendly team of staff who are almost always online and active, ready to answer any questions you may have. Pvp, raiding and griefing are allowed, so it is advised to create a faction and form alliances as quickly as possible. Classes can be bought at spawn for $50,000 in-game cash, so choose carefully! There are six classes, and each class has their own unique abilities.

  • Knight, can craft special armour to aid them in combat. Masters of fighting, they can deal devastating amounts of damage.
  • Assassin, able to leap great distances and hide themselves in the shadows. Masters of stealth, they can kill anyone with enough preparation.
  • Archer, can use bows and craft special arrows, which can render their enemies useless. Masters of the bow, they could headshot someone a mile away.
  • Mage, can cast spells to crush their foes. Masters of the arcanium, they are greatly feared throughout the land.
  • Necromancer, can summon the undead to their side and cast death spells at will. Masters of life and death, they are probably the most unknown and mysterious of all classes.
  • Mystic, able to heal even the most wounded of soldier. Masters of nature and healing, they can cast a mix of utility, healing and combat spells.


  1. No hacks
  2. No excessive cursing
  3. No asking for ranks/items
  4. No being disrespectful
  5. Griefing is allowed - no complaining!
  6. Use common sense

So what are you waiting for? Come and join us now!

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