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WrexSMP is a dedicated, survival-pvp-griefing server. We have one rule: There Are No Rules! If it isn't blocked instantly, or you don't get in trouble by a staff member for it, or told specifically not to, it's allowed.

Our staff are all responsible, and will respect you if you respect them. No more having to worry about 10 year old admins banning you for swearing at them. The owner (wrexsti) is over 20, our youngest admin is 17 years old, and our youngest staff member is 15. We won't side in faction wars, and we won't deal with petty things (Although we still strongly warn you against griefing anything they build, they will most likely get revenge.)

There is no economy or player shops. Why, you might ask? We believe in getting all items yourself. If you're not skilled enough to find or steal whatever you want, why should we give it to you? Trading is allowed, of course, there's just no money involved in it.

Fly is allowed. Why, you may ask? Because it takes WAY too long to walk everywhere. Also, it adds challenges to fights if they're in mid-air, and you have to think harder about fortifying your base.

Say, you just want to get on and build whatever it is you like. You can do that too. Buildzone is a large area of land, where you can build whatever you want. First-time griefing it results in a 3 day jailing. Peaceful factions are also ungriefable. TNT will not explode on you land, and your animals cannot be killed.

Join us if you want the TRUE minecraft experience. Just enough protection from grief and raiding to make it challenging, but not enough to make it impossible to start massive wars.

-Yano, official advertiser

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