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RebelCraft- NWO Clan Minecraft Division


Welcome to RebelCraft, NWO Clan Minecraft Division! RebelCraft is a unique Minecraft server looking for a large based community to have fun! The idea was thought up by cjfitz2009 or CerberusMC. The idea is to make a fun Towny community, that every Saturday (US), There will be a server-wide raid. There is already set Towns. When a new player joins, they decide what town to join, and they stick to that town. Players CAN NOT create their own towns. The reason for this is because we want town to become large.


  1. Raiding is ONLY allowed on Saturday

  2. No Griefing during the raids

  3. No cheating/hacking

  4. Be respectful to other members

  5. Do not PvP unless it is okay with both parties (except on Saturdays)

  6. Be mature (Do not curse all the time, or say "Budder" or "Butter")

  7. Do not argue with staff members

And the most important rule is to have fun. All staff members will try their best to make sure that all our members have a good experience.


Owner: CerberusMC or cjfitz2009

Head-Admin: auzzie1077 or auzziekid94

Admin: SpartanCrafter0 or Spartan

Admin: TBD

Mod: wapigeon

Mod: TBD

*If you have any questions or concerns, do not be afraid to send one of these people a message in-game or on the website.

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