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NexusCraft Server [PVP]


Dynmap is in browser!
Hello, and welcome to NexusCraft Earth Factions! We are a great server with a super friendly staff. We have a very unique map; it's a map of our planet! Griefing and stealing both are allowed, so please don't complain when you die or get killed. You spawn on the west coast of Lake Victoria in Africa. Make sure to check out the map info as well, it can and will help you. We have some rules as well, which are the following:

No excessive cussing. 5 minute mute.
No hacking. Permanent ban.
No spamming. Permanent mute.
No asking for admin. You will be smited.
No saying you are from PlanetMinecraft and are reviewing the server, yada yada yada. You will be smited and publicly ridiculued.
Have fun. If you don't have fun, we will ask you why you aren't.

We have a blazing fast server machine. Here are our specs:
Lenovo H430
930GB Hard Disk Space

We have a great staff team to assist you as well.

Owner: Uniplex
Admin: Dfrost182, Samsquatch1234
Moderator: Forbritzeo, Nyoncat452
Donator: William5462, f0renzik, Endrillion

If you catch a staff member abusing please contact Uniplex as soon as you can.

Thank you, and have fun,

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