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Here you can find information about FALLZ:

  1. There is more zombies. Way More zombies.
  2. These zombies are all dynamic. They have a wide range of variation from shirt color to pants color.
  3. Zombies will open doors to get to you, instead of breaking them! (BUGGED, not enabled)
  4. Players will need to scavenge in fallz, there is very limited crafting. But don't worry there is plenty to do!
  5. Players can break there legs and bleed!
  6. Just like in DayZ you can stop these effects by using a morphine or a bandage! Which are found in hospitals based off of DayZ!
  7. Players can also find and blood bag other users! They can also use morphine and bandages on each other!
  8. The fallout based world is very radioactive. You'll need to find a Hazmat suit in order to access areas like snow and water.
  9. Or you can find some RadX and have 30 seconds of immunity to all radiation!
  10. Expect zombies to spawn realistically, if your in a city expect tons of zombies. If your at a farm house expect very little zombies!
  11. We have a increased view distance for both players and mobs! (Bugged)
  12. You can find guns throughout the FallZ universe. These guns can range from pistols to rocket launchers or if your lucky. A mini nuke.
  13. Our guns are very dynamic, we want them to be realistic but at the same time fair. Guns will do damage based on how far away you are. Some will do more damage up close and others wont.
  14. Most guns have ammo, this ammo can sometimes be just as rare as the gun! All guns have different ammo types, however pistols share the same type of ammo.
  15. Heli Crash sites, yeah we got that too. And now their automatic!
  16. You can find broken power armor inside of heli crash sites.
  17. You can find special weapons like a Bizon or a M107 in a heli crash site.
  18. Diamond armor and tools are very rare. The server is balanced and tested on players with full iron. Expect people in diamond armor to put up a fight!
  19. Players will need to search the very radioactive sewers for buttons.
  20. These buttons will give the players access to more advanced areas like military compounds and hidden areas!
  21. Players can find torches and place them to temporarily stop mobs from spawning in an area.
  22. Players can find chests, they can place them anywhere in the FALLZ world!
  23. Players can find companions likes dogs and horses.
  24. Players can scavenge goods and sell them at the market place for some caps.
  25. A players level is actually their thirst level. In order to live a player will need to be drinking often.
  26. A players exp bar is actually their carrying weight. Players with very little move faster, and players carrying a lot move very slowly.
  27. Zombies are indigenous, this means you can scout towns from afar and see if their are mobs their. Meaning they do not de spawn.
  28. Unique zombie spawning system, we use a custom spawn system to keep control of all of our mobs. This includes zombies and companions alike! (Bugged will need to be reworked!)
  29. Players can craft bullet proof vest to make iron armor and power armor bullet proof.
  30. Player can craft fire proof vests to make iron armor and power armor fire proof.
  31. A full fledged custom leveling system! With levels, classes and attributes!
    32.A player can repair broken power armor by obtaining a power armor repair manual.
    There of course is more coming! We have barely scratched the iceberg on where we want to take this server!

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