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Are you craving a different approach to minecraft? Tired of the same-old constant drag of bukkit servers, never updating plugins, with moderators believing they are policemen, and itching to ban you? Do you want a fresh experience of a server, one that has staff who aren't a different kind of player, but one of you? A server in which plugins are constantly changing, never letting you get bored with a single one?
Join Mysterycraft, because what the server is, is a mystery. We have a dedicated, friendly staff, who are each hand picked and approved unanimously before being allowed to have a position. Our plugins are constantly being updated, and with the addition of a Dev-Team member, we can modify the plugins to suit your needs! Whether you enjoy building houses, fighting off zombies from a base in the mountains, disguising yourself as a creeper and scaring other players, or just plain hanging out, this is the server for you!
We are currently in development, so any suggestions that you have can be implemented in the server! You get to be part of us more than other servers in a way that lets you choose. Want a plugin? If the plugin is installed you will have exclusive access, even if it would normally only be for donors.
Also, every week a prize is given to regulars. These prizes can range from diamonds, to commands like /fly, to fully enchanted items and armor, or even that staff position you've been asking about for a while!

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