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Steeds Gate

Steeds Gate


Max Players: 30

Welcome to Steeds Gate - your ultimate destination for a unique Minecraft experience. Dive into our RPG adventure world, craft your own narrative, and immerse yourself in the rich lore we've crafted since 2015. As we embark on a new journey after our server reset, we're eager to welcome both old friends and new adventurers alike.


  • Separate RPG Adventure World: Engage in quests, explore vast landscapes, and become the hero or villain of your own story.
  • ArtMap Plugin: Showcase your creativity by drawing pixel art on canvas. Whether you're an experienced artist or just doodling for fun, our community is eager to see your masterpieces.
  • GriefPrevention: Your builds are safe here! Protect your land and creations from unwanted intrusions.
  • Creative World: Unleash your imagination in our separate creative realm. Perfect for those who want a break from survival or just want to test their architectural prowess.
  • Player-driven Economy: Set up chest-based shops and engage in bartering. Our economy thrives on item exchange, promoting a community-driven market.
  • Essential Utilities: Create warps, set homes, teleport to spawn, and more. Make your journey seamless with these essential tools.

A Note From The Team:
We pride ourselves on being a tight-knit community with a dedicated, yet small, staff team. Our roots trace back to 2015, and we've crafted countless memories since. As we look forward to creating more, we invite you to be a part of our ever-evolving story.

Join us, and let's make history together at Steeds Gate.

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