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Are you tired of playing the same old server, bored with Vanilla Minecraft? Well here is the server for you!

Our server is made up of many fun, useful and interesting plugins that help the player have fun and keep the server free of cheaters/hackers!

The main aim of the server is to run your own secretive empire! Greifing obviously isn't allowed but unfortunately we can't completely stop them all the time, so keep you creations hidden!

We have LWC so you can privately lock your chests for your self or with a password.

Here are some of the basic plugins we use:
All of Essentials & GroupManager (Including Essentials Eco)
Health Bar
Mob Cash (Money for killing Mobs)
CombatLog (To stop PvP Loggers)
LWC (As mentioned above)
Vault and many more!

We are currently looking to expand our server making it better for the player. You can suggest things on our forums, post ban requests and other interesting information.

We will soon be offering V.I.P for 10 Euros, thats about £8.50!

V.I.P's will get many extra features which are:
VIP Spawn
VIP Shop
VIP Enchanting table
/feed Command every 30 sec
/hat Command
No AFK Kick
/kit vip
Keep XP on death.
5 Homes
Double XP
/craft Command

If you feel you are ready, you can also apply for Admin on our forums too!

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